This isn’t fun, anymore.

And the breeze is fantastic, thank you.

Scotland told me u were a potatoe


I am.

He was a cute wee potato when he was younger.
Now he’s a grown potato.


Wrong British Isle, I think you mean this one.

Oi, I'm Scotland an' I like sneakin' haggis into mah brother Arthur's food!

you cAN’T DO THAT.
THIS is Haggis.
You can’t “sneak” it into someone’s meal without them noticing, England’s not that fucking daft.

"OOhhhh I'm Scotland, I have red hair, and loOOOVE my brother Wales <3 Oh yes, he is surely the best !!"

10/10, spot on.

AMKE 15 Panel Auditions




Here’s the deal: I’m gonna be leading a panel at Anime Milwaukee 2015 called ‘Hetalia: A Beautiful Improv’.
Y’know what it’s gonna be about? Hetalia characters, improv acting!

And I want YOU to audition for it!
If you’re interested, send me an ask, fanmail or submission saying that you’re interested in auditioning.


  • You are DEFINITELY, 100% SURE going to be at AMKE ‘15
  • Your cosplay for your character is FINISHED

If you meet those, then you’ll get a little prompt (ex: Nation meets Beyonce at coffee shop) and then you need to send me a video of you acting that prompt out!

Your video should include:

  • An in-character introduction of yourself (Less than 30 seconds)
  • Acting out of the prompt you received (less than 90 seconds)
Your audition video will be judged by the other panelists based on the following:
image So keep that in mind when you’re acting!

There are only 6 spots available!

We already have: America, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Scotland, and Russia.

Auditions will be closed by January 1st, 2015! ))


The other panelists and I have come up with a rubric so that we can judge auditions as objectively as possible. The summary of it is now included in the original post. ))

Think of the wonders we four could create.

As tempting of an offer as that may be, I&#8217;m afraid I have to decline.

As tempting of an offer as that may be, I’m afraid I have to decline.

"Are the sheep better than people--"

I wouldn’t know, seeing as I’ve only fucked people.

It seems I have mastered the technique of ‘Discreetly serving Haggis’.